Instument Rating

Earn Your Instrument Pilot Certificate at Advanced Aviation Flight Training Atlanta

Learn to fly instruments using the latest GPS Technology including precision GPS approaches utilizing the latest WAAS technology.

Advanced Aviation Flight Training Atlanta tailors instrument pilot training to the individual pilot based on his or her goals and instrument flying needs. We emphasize GPS flight instruction utilizing Garmin GPS technology. Whether you are training for a career as a professional pilot or learning instrument flying for business and personal travel, we can provide the aircraft, navigation equipment, and curriculum to fit your needs.

We utilize simulator (flight training device) training to save time and accelerate your learning of approaches, holding and other instrument procedures.



Advanced Aviation Flight Training Atlanta flight instruction is self-paced and all lessons are conducted on an individual basis. This means that you plan your training sessions around your schedule instead of someone else’s and that you have your instructor’s undivided attention during YOUR training session.

Flight and ground school lessons are conducted in a parallel sequence so that you acquire the knowledge on the ground that you need in order to learn the most while you are in the air.

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